Roof Lanterns

R Holwell and Sons Ltd Roof Lanterns are the perfect solution for extensions, Orangeries and kitchens, or anywhere in your home that you have a flat roof. They are modern, extremely fashionable and will add a touch of class to your dream home project.

Our lanterns are stunning, enhancing any style of property, traditional or modern alike. It reduces the need for a chunky roof ridge and maximises the amount of glass that allows light to flood into your room.

Why choose a Roof Lantern?

The benefit of skylights and roof lanterns go far beyond simply saving money and energy. It is a proven fact that exposure to natural light also has real health benefits. Natural light boosts the immune system and enables the body’s production of Vitamin D, necessary to maintain healthy metabolism, bones and muscles.

Skylights are beneficial in many ways. If you’re looking to become more Eco-friendly, stay at the forefront of cutting-edge design, add vibrancy to lifeless spaces, or even just to excite your neighbour’s jealousy, a skylight should be your first consideration.

R Holwell and Sons Roof Lanterns

R Holwell and Sons Ltd Roof lanterns are fantastically energy efficient, ensuring that your home is warm and cosy on even the coldest of days.

The advanced technology, developed for our roofing system, will minimise heat loss and eliminate draughts and cold spots. With our lantern roofs, you can experience the comfort of superb thermal performance.

Our cutting edge roof lanterns are completely weatherproof and they have been tested to ensure they will protect your home from the very worst of the British weather.

R Holwell and Sons Ltd Roof Flat Lanterns

Add a sense of light and elegance to your home with a flat skylight. Our innovative rooflight appears frameless from the inside, due to its edge to edge glass design. This contemporary design brings more light into your home, giving you uninterrupted views of the sky.

Suited to all property types, our Flat Skylight will complement any home or space, giving you natural light exactly where you need it. Perfect for a kitchen or dining extension or rooms where natural daylight is limited.

In addition to an enhanced sense of light and space, you will also benefit from noise reducing glass and thermal efficiency with our fully insulated core for superior thermal performance.

Colour Options

Choose the stylish White PVC option to match your modern window frames, or for that extra “Wow” factor go for the Aluminium option, available in White, Anthracite Grey or Satin Black. Internally the rooflight is clad in white PVC or upgraded to anthracite grey or satin black to either match or contrast the external finish.


Add a roof vent to let in the fresh air – Roof vents are available with a manual opener, automatic opener or an automatic opener with rain and temperature control.

Roof Lantern Glass

Roof glass has come on leaps and bounds over the years and perfectly compliment the technologies used to construct an Roof Lantern.

R Holwell and Sons Ltd can offer roofs that have solar reflection to minimise heat intake in the summer, as well as protecting from sunglare. The roof glass also offers maximum insulation for those cold winter evening, and you and your family will feel cosy and snug.

Lantern Examples

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