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R Holwell and Sons Ltd offer a wide range of conservatories designed individually to suit your home, they are a great way to expand the living space of your home and add value to your property. Our conservatories have the latest design and technology to ensure a secure, weatherproof solution for extending your home whether you choose a roof lantern for your dream extension.

We can also construct beautiful orangeries to bring your home closer to your garden. Whichever style you opt for, there are a range of finishes and glass options to choose from, and we will build to your exact specification to ensure that the finished product is precisely what you are looking for.

Our Conservatory Range

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Traditional Conservatories

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Roof Lanterns

Why replace your double glazing?

| Increased Security

All our double glazing meets the latest, stringent security regulations making your home safe and secure.

| Thermally Efficient

An average-sized home could save an average of £100 a year on heating bills thanks to our A Rated double glazing.

| Noise Reduction

Our double glazing products can significantly reduce noise pollution and allow you to relax in comfort.

| Home Makeover

Not only does double glazing have internal benefits, but it will increase the “curb-side appeal” of your property

| Low Maintenance

Modern double glazing is easy to clean. Simply wipe over with standard glass cleaners, and wipe frames with soapy water.

| Increased Property Value

If you see yourself moving out of your home within the next 20 years, double glazing will add significant appeal for future potential buyers.

| Durable Materials

UPVc and aluminium are extremely durable materials and our replacement double glazed windows and doors will last a lifetime.

| Reducing Damp

Thanks to maintaining temperatures inside, there is a reduced risk of cold air meeting warm on the glass – therefore a reduction in condensation.

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